In the early days of the business we found that art materials were very expensive and really only available to an elite few. When we talked to people the same story was echoed time and time again "love art, used to do it as a kid, but just can’t afford it."

Drawing upon our extensive knowledge of manufacturing in China and after a number of visits to various factories, we realised there was an enormous opportunity to offer art materials that just about anybody could afford.

At this point Mont Marte was born.

We set about ‘Taking Art to the People’. With that vision in mind we expanded from a few basic art lines to build a comprehensive range of affordable, yet quality products under the Mont Marte brand. With the growth of our range has come the growth of our Mont Marte Family. From a small start-up company of Bob and Carol, with son Cheyne, and quite soon after our first employee, storeman Jared, Mont Marte now has around 40 full time staff in Australia.  

As our company has grown, so too have our employees within it.  Jared is no longer a storeman.  He has become our International Sales Manager, a partner in our business as well as the first employee to celebrate 10 years with Mont Marte. Following him are many more committed Mont Marte employees who have now reached 10 years with us and others who are closely approaching.

We are committed to our core belief that, "art should be available for everyone to enjoy", and that means worldwide not just Australia.

Mont Marte has established a warehouse/distribution centre in Northern China.  The China warehouse is operated using Mont Marte’s Australian warehousing systems and driven by our Australian in- house software and technology.

This facility not only supplies our Australian operation but now distributes to an ever expanding list of countries worldwide, with Mont Marte products available in more than 50 countries.

We are in the process of expanding this facility further to include manufacturing and packaging of large parts of our product range, which are also being expanded with the addition of new and exciting product categories later in 2016.


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