Kids Sidewalk Chalk 6pce


Barcode: 9328577021855


Kids Colour Sidewalk chalk comes in 6 awesome colours. Create artworks on your driveway or footpaths (concrete or asphalt) and enjoy lots of fun games and artworks in the fresh outdoors!


  • 6 vibrant colours
  • Easily washable with a hose


  • Try wetting the tip of the chalk for added colour intensity.
  • Stain Advice - make sure to trial on a small, out of the way area and wash off to check surface for stains. Chalk contains coloured pigments which may stain cloth and other surfaces. We do not advise usage on surfaces that are less than 6 months old.
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Demos for this product

MMKC0153 and MMKC0081 Sidewalk Chalk Demo