Palette n Paint Set 17pce - Watercolours


Barcode: 9328577015168


Mont Marte Palette n Paint Set - Watercolour offers the chance for artists to trial Mont Marte's other large watercolour paint sets. This set is compact and convenient which is great for artists who are travelling or studying. Suitable for use by all levels of artists. Set includes 1 oval palette with wells, 15 watercolour paints in 5ml pots which fit neatly onto the wells of the palette and 1 taklon brush. Clean up in water .


  • high quality pigments
  • clean bright colours
  • combination warm and cool colours
  • rich transparent colour
  • excellent tinting strength
  • colours included: Chinese White, Lemon Yellow, Medium Yellow, Orange Red, Brilliant Red, Crimson, Purple, Phthalo Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Viridian Green, Olive Green, Burnt Sienna, Ivory Black, Silver and Gold.


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M.M. Palette 'n' Paint Set 17pce