Stretcher Bar D.T. Pine 25.4cm

Stretcher Bar D.T. Pine 25.4cm


Barcode: 9328577008740

General Usage
Mont Marte Stretcher Bars are constructed from kiln dried pine and are available in 13 lengths. The benefit of stretching your own canvas is that it allows you to create unusual sizes and formats. It is also the preferred method for many artists who work in a more traditional manner. These stretcher bars feature pre cut interlocking corners that fit tightly into each other. No further gluing or fastening is required of the stretcher bars. Stretcher keys are also provided and can be inserted into the corner joints after canvas has been stretched to provide extra tension.

Length: 25.4cm Depth: 3cm Width: 3.8cm

Suitable for Use With
Mont Marte Canvas on the Roll

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M.M. Stretcher Bar D.T. Pine