Studio Acrylic Pump 2 Litre - Titanium White


Barcode: 9328577033414


Mont Marte Studio Acrylic is ideal for students or aspiring artists wanting to create large and affordable artworks. This fast drying, water based acrylic paint is an ideal introduction to colour for students of all ages. It is mixable and provides great coverage. Best use is to pour the desired amount of paint into a separate vessel to mix and/or add water to prevent cross contamination. Remember responsible usage - acrylic paints are generally washable whilst wet (use cold, soapy water), dried paint will be permanent.


  • 2 Litre
  • Pump bottle
  • Fast drying
  • Water based acrylic paint


  • Mont Marte Canvas
  • Mont Marte Brushes
  • Mont Marte Palettes
  • Mont Marte Accessories

NOTE: Select the 'Care' tab to download the Care Instructions PDF for usage with all our paints and brushes.

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Mont Marte Studio Acrylic 2 Litre paints