How To Paint a Sci Fi Budgicorn Painting

Posted 5th September 2014
Tags:  How to  Painting  Oil

This whimsical artwork was created in Oils, like most fantasy art, with amusement in mind and we thought we might create a fecetious little back story that might just explain it a little more.

It all seemed so surreal.  Tahalula had seen her planet orbit the sun only 5 times in her life when the great war had begun and the Jargooshvarder troops had come and taken away poor little Meekon, the family Budgicorn for scientific research.

The brutal war had savagely raged for 22 long years and was at last over, and a capricious peace treaty had finally been met.  As a show of good faith both empires had agreed to release any prisoners of war that had been captured.

Tahlula had lost her entire family in the ensuing conflict and as the two finally met again after all these years....... not a single word was spoken, yet that silence spoke volumes.

What the future might hold was uncertain but at least.............they were reunited.