Pencil and Eraser Set 48pc


Barcode: 9328577034756

Fill the party bags or stock up for school with our 48 piece pencil and eraser set. This fun set features pencil top erasers, colouring pencils and HB pencils. Kids will love the 24 interchangeable decorative erasers that feature a different animal, food or fruit on each one. With vibrant pigments in each of the coloured pencils and quality graphite in the sketching pencils, this pencil and eraser set is great for school, home art projects or adding to party bags.


  • 12 x coloured pencils for colouring in or drawing
  • 12 x HB pencils for sketching
  • 24 x interchangeable erasers
  • Great for children's party bags

Note: For more information and tips on pencil and eraser safety, please refer to the 'Safety' tab above this description.

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