Twistable Metallics Signature 6pc

Twistable Metallics Signature 6pc


Barcode: 9328577048739

Add some shimmer and sparkle with our Twistable Metallics 6pc. These gel sticks create thick strokes, making them ideal for colouring large surfaces. Plus, they offer a metallic finish, smooth blending and glide effortlessly across the page. Thanks to the textured finger grip and twistable pen body, these colour sticks are a breeze to create with and will help your next art, craft or school project shine!


  • 6 metallic colours: White, Lemon Yellow, Magenta, Violet, Blue, Dark Green
  • Translucent finish allows you to create layering effects and new colours
  • Thick 10mm (0.3in) gel stick great for covering large areas
  • Water-based - blend with water for watercolour effects
  • Glides and blends smoothly for easy colour transitions
  • Quick drying means less smudging
  • Textured finger grip makes them more comfortable to hold
  • Simple to use - spin them out and twist them back
  • Ideal for art, craft or school projects
  • Suitable for use on smooth paper and cardboard surfaces
  • Non toxic


  • Mixed media (acrylic paint)
  • Glazing
  • Can be used over acrylic paint
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